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"Shrimp Brain" I made for the Halloween tailgate (See Very Interesting page). 


Supersize that...

A new trend in Asian eating.  Order extreme portions & share with friends.


The Pizza Hut in China only allows ONE trip to the salad bar so......



This years' marshmallow crop is ruined by rain!!

A meteorite landed on this covered it!

The latest in bar design (for men).

The Sad Faced Blob Fish

The Bacon Section


The Baconator!

In Memory of:


Check out the latest recipe!!  

It's gluten free, lactose free, fat free and almost free!

Click here - The ratings are a "must read".

Ice Cubes. Photo by alligirl


Sir Winston Oliver - English Bulldog.

Charlee Girl - Yellow Labrador Retriever.

Click link below to see Charlee's brother on YouTube.'s a beer bath at a resort.

The cholesterol food group.




You deserve a break today!

My daughter did this one a couple years ago.


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